Sunday, 23 June 2013

Michael Palmer - One Day Bad Boy / Brown Skin Girl (Earlydays Records 12")

Greetings all reggae massive and crew! Now, this new release straight out of France features the incomparable Michael Palmer on vocals and is surely bound to be one of all digi revivalists' tunes of the summer. One Day Bad Boy has a great, flowing ambiance about it and demonstrates Mr. Palmer's vocal talents to the fullest; the man has, most definitely, still got 'it'. The flip side 'Brown Skin Girl' with its low, grumbling keyboard stabs is the darker of the two sides and, again, is a true testament to the quality of  the dancehall legend's unique singing style.

The riddim was built by J-G Arena and is due for release on Mister P's Earlydays Records label in the very near future.

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Friday, 31 August 2012


Due to popular demand, a further 300 copies of 'Settle Bad Boy' will be pressed.

Stay tuned for more music from The Determination coming soon...

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Debut Release - LJR001

The Determination - Settle Bad Boy (London Jam Records 7") - LJR001

A Brief History

Formed in Jamaica back in 1979 by founding members Dervin Dawes and Donald Marshall, The Determination first started producing lovers rock, roots and dancehall music for Bunny Hylton's King Jam label. Later joined by Anthony "Ringo Paul" Hill, they continued to record as a group, focusing on digital roots and dancehall. During the mid to late 80's their musical output grew under several aliases including 'Mighty Rulers' and 'D'Nations'. It was during this period that they recorded their heaviest tunes to date. After Donald's move to the States, plans to distribute other songs fell by the wayside and to this day only exist on a handful of old, dusty 7"s.

How It Came To Be....

Back in late 2011, I finally got my hands on a copy of the much sought after 'Chat Yu Mouth' by the Mighty Rulers. Released back in 1987, this tune was released in one extremely limited quantity with most copies going to the band's friends and family members. All but one week after getting it through the mail, I was contacted by producer and band member Donald Marshall asking if I could locate a copy for him. Sadly, my numerous enquiries haboured nothing but failure. After a friendly exchange of emails, he soon introduced me to a song they (The Determination) had recorded back in 1998 titled 'Settle Bad Boy', which had an eerily similar vibe to the aforementioned. He noted that the song would soon feature on their brand new CD 'Come Let Us Join Hands'. As a favour to the band and as a salute to their musical legacy, I thought it a good idea to spread the word of its impending release. Within a few days, my YouTube channel was red hot with messages from fellow digi fans expressing their want for this 'Settle Bad Boy' to appear on plastic. So, along with Donald I set to work in getting this phenomenal piece of music on the road.

And here it is.....

Appearing for the very first time on 100g virgin vinyl. Some might say 14 years overdue, but better late than never. Backed by the mighty Fire House Crew, 'Settle Bad Boy' is a storming piece of digital reggae which harks back to the sound of the late 80's incorporating the righteous lyrical styling of vocalist Dervin Dawes and a thick, crunchy bass line fit for soundsystem play.

Leave your weapons outta dance! The Determination come fi nice it up!

NB: We are currently limited to 300 copies.

The Determination are:

Dervin Dawes
Donald Marshall 
Anthony "Ringo Paul" Hill

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